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Skudo Floor System For Temporary Floor Protection
By: raman
Are you involved with the building and construction industry? Tired of always spending time and money replacing and fixing your floor surfaces (like tiles, timber and polished concrete) from damages caused during construction? The revolutionary Skudo Floor System - RF200 two coat, three-layer system replaces the outdated and ineffective technique of current protective floor coverings (such as plastic and plasterboard), with the use of a patent pending coating system that moulds and sticks to the floor to create an outer skin, which will protect against damages. It is a heavy barrier and offers excellent scratch and impact resistance designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and scuffing to act as a permanent \'drop sheet\'. The installation of Skudo\'s temporary floor protection is as easy as rolling a layer of a paint like base coat to the floor area, followed by a layer of mesh and lastly a paint like top coat onto the floor area that requires protection.

Skudo Floor System - RF200 can protect against:
General traffic
Most solvents
Coffee and other liquids
Light impact
Direct, grit and mud
Rust stains
Skudo Floor System - RF200 is suitable for application on almost every substrate surface including:
Raw concrete
Polished concrete
Porcelain tiles
Ceramic tiles
Polished timber
All natural stone tiles and slabs
Engineered stone
Stainless steel
Some painted steel
Some plastics
Any stable non-porous substrate
Paint roller
Spray gun
Paint brush

Once installed, you no longer need to worry about your temporary floor protection breaking or tearing during heavy use unlike lower quality alternatives such as plastic.Skudo Floor System – RF200 is extremely durable so you can drive forklifts, trucks,cherry pickers or scaffolding on it; drop paint or liquids; drag a tool box across it;grind dirt and grit into it etc and it won\'t scratch, tear or otherwise break. This means you receive a better return on your temporary floor protection investment by using Skudo Floor System - RF200.The coating system has the added advantage of providing a non-slip rating once installed (to assist in enhancing the construction site as a safe working environment).The RF200 also has extremely high UV protection, which allows for an entire project to be covered both internally and externally. After construction is finished, Skudo Floor System – RF200 can be peeled up in a large thick sheet so you will not need to rebuff surfaces from scraping scratches, which would occur when removing inferior temporary floor protection that has not actually been developed specifically and adequately for protecting floors.Additionally, you will save time and money from not spending on long labour removal costs.

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